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A bunch of doodles that turned into an excuse to show Turq’s powers.

\Turquoise has the ability to manipulate her voice in multiple ways. She can use it for soothing, which is especially helpful to her berserker comrade Diamond ( kyuubinu's OC). She also has a super-sonic scream.

If her gem gets cracked, she loses her abilities, and even being able to speak at all.

Not shown: The Ultimate Mom Voice.



Finally they’re here! Low-res group images of the Xiaolin Showdown Art Collab for your viewing pleasure! Participants, please email me so that I can send you the links to the hi-res images.

Thank you all for your help and patience. I truly appreciate your time in making this happen. It was fun working with all of you talented people! 

Please do not repost these images in respect to the various artists who worked on this. 



Finishing this has been emotionally taxing, bittersweet, and I’m glad I was finally able to feel comfortable enough to share these memories in this space.

Thank you for those of you that stuck around long enough to see the ending of this personal comic.

I’ll post the entire “Me Too” comic archive to come soon.

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